How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2018?


So, you have a one-million dollar idea for the app but only a couple of grands to complete it.

What should you do? What is the optimal cost to make an app that will hit the headlines and take the target audience by storm? What factors may influence the price for the app development process?

This time we are going to look at the insights and define how much money you may need to bring your app idea to life. We will also discuss if it is better to opt for a local or offshore development team to benefit from affordable prices and high quality.

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What Features Influence the App Development Cost?

Planning your budget is a vital factor for the development process. You need to have a clear understanding of what features your app should have and how much will it cost. Sometimes the primary budget may differ from what you pay in the end. The difference, as well as the total price, can be defined by the following factors:

  • The development team qualification;
  • UI/UX design features;
  • The complexity of the prototype of the MVP version;
  • Time and deadlines for the entire process as well as some of its stages;
  • The complexity of the app and features you want to implement.

All the above-mentioned issues will affect the total price to create a high-quality application. Some startups look for the slightest chance to save money. It is not always a good idea, as it will limit some of your application functions.

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What Is the Average App Development Cost?

As the world keeps going mobile, the users become more and more demanding. They call for more convenient products featuring great UI/IX design, which is probably the most expensive part of the development process. The times of $25,000 apps have passed. Experts recommend spending at least $750,000. This sum will ensure good-running product as well as hiring a qualified creator.

On the other hand, a few startups can really afford that much. Moreover, there is no need to pay that much in case you do not need a too complicated app. It all depends on the type of platform as well. So simple iOS app may cost you about $100,000. An application for Android with a limited selection of features will hardly be more than $70,000.

Always keep in mind, that the figures above are not fixed. Every development team may charge more or less for the same process. The level of charges may depend on the qualification, location and other factors. For instance, developers from the United States usually charge about $200 per hour, while Indian programmers and designers hardly go higher than $70 per hour.

How Much Does an App Cost?

Local Team VS Outsource

Choosing a company to bring your app to life is another vital stage that will also influence the price. As we already mentioned, companies may charge different rates for the same amount of work. While some startups try to save the slightest penny opting for cheap freelancers, others prefer quality guarantees and choose well-established teams.

Of course, it is up to you to decide. However, cheap services are not always a good idea especially when it comes to building a brilliant application. For this reason, in-house teams with good reputation are probably a good choice. On the other hand, outsource developers can also guarantee high quality having a wide portfolio in addition to a trustworthy reputation on the web.

Never avoid surfing the net in search of the most suitable variant. Compare and contrast teams that attracted your attention. Find reviews and testimonials by previous customers. Interview your potential employees if you opt for an outsource team or freelancers. Negotiate the bids and always sing a contract including all the milestones of the development process.

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