How to Make a Phone App Complete 2018 Guide


Having a brilliant idea to start an app is less than 50% of success. Thousands of people before you hand them but failed to bring them to life.

What do they actually fail? What is the most efficient way to create an award-winning mobile service and deliver it to some most popular apps stores? How to generate high revenues and gain recognition for your product? How to make your own app?

Today, find out the best structure of development process.

make an app

It does no matter what type of application you want to build. Your ideas may be related to creating:

  • A social network;
  • An iOS app for business;
  • A gaming Android app;
  • A reservation or publishing service.

The development process should feature a clear and efficient structure. Otherwise, you will never gain success with your product. Our company delivers full-scale development services ranging from UX & UI design, coding, programming, deployment, support and maintenance, etc.

Step 1 - Set Up a Goal

The first stage requires setting up clear targets and goals. Stop thinking of future features and technologies you may need to implement. First of all, think of how your app can be useful. What missions can it help you to accomplish? Whether you want to generate revenues at once or simply want to provide a solution to a specific problem, you need to have clear answers to the following essential questions:

  • What is your app for?
  • How can it be appealing to users?
  • What problems can it solve?
  • How useful can it be for target audience?
  • What are the tools for marketing your app?
Create Your Own App

Step 2 - Do the Research

Once you have answers to all vital questions, need to do a research. The best bet is to follow the example of some biggest names in the niche. For instance, imagine that you are planning to develop a social app. There are plenty of successful startups in this field including some biggest names on the mobile market like Facebook.

A good idea is to check some less successful examples. It will let you avoid common mistakes many startups and development teams make during the process. Try to figure out the key reasons of their failure and prevent the same result for your project.

The best part:

Step 3 - Start Designing Your Application

The third stage is to build a prototype of your future product and get started with the UI and UX design. Following the latest design trends in UX & UI is vital. Otherwise, you will never be able to benefit from a users' impressions and satisfaction. A user-friendly and attractive application will certainly result in better engagement.

Step 4 – Test your app! Then, test one more time

When the design and development stages are finally over you need to be 100% sure that your application is running flawlessly. QA engineers consider the type of mobile platform and mobile devices to ensure app's decent performance in spite of the device screen or OS.

Best App Makers

But that’s not all!

Step 5 - App Deployment and Launch

You are about to bring your application to the target audience. The app release is the last but not the least stage of the building process. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of apps that may be similar to yours. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to implement an efficient mobile marketing strategy.

Use various tools like ASO and mobile marketing to take the fullest from your potential users. Support and maintenance are also necessary to come up with regular updates and modifications. We introduce the team of specialists who can handle every stage and build an app from scratch.

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