How to Find the Best App Developers for Hire

The right development team is what really matters

If you think that having a great app idea is already a win, the new stage of challenges may appear to be overwhelming for you. Finding a qualified developer who can really understand what you need is actually the same hard as coming up with a brilliant idea for a mobile application.

A few can really pick up some coding, designing or programming skills due to a lack of time and knowledge. For this reason, hiring a development team seems to be the only way out. The task is hardly tough considering about 2.5 million developers available for hire worldwide.

In spite of such a huge amount, the risk of opting for a wrong company is still very high. Moreover the choice will directly affect the total cost of the development process and your app in general. So, we've come up with some fundamental issues for you to consider when hiring the best app developer for the project.

Imagine that you need to complete a typical academic assignment. Let's say you need to write a dissertation. The first thing you need to start with is to build a detailed outline for the major work. The same thing is with developing an app.

You need to consider all issues starting from features for the application, problems it will solve, etc. The task is hardly a challenge if you can answer the following questions:

  • What will your app do?
  • Why will it be necessary for your users?
  • What are the problems it will solve?
  • How will it solve those problems?

The answers to those questions will provide a clear understanding of how your application must look like. Moreover, you can do some research and check the examples of the biggest titles in the niche. If you are planning to build a rental or reservation service, you can check the insights of the or Airbnb. The same thing is with mobile games and other types of applications.

The clear understanding of the purposes and objectives will let you make an efficient scope for the project as well as define some key aspects to focus on. At the same time, you will figure out what kind of a development team you need to search for.

Focus On Geography

Always keep in mind that every development team may charge different rates for the same work. It all depends on geography. Consider this fact when hiring a developer, as your choice may also affect the total cost of your app. At the same time, you will have a chance to save a couple of bucks.

The most expensive developments services are provided by companies located in the United Kingdom, US and Australia. The average hourly rates here start from $150. Complicated projects may go up to $200-300. In other words, if you need to build a simple booking app, prepare to pay about $250,000.

India and some countries in Eastern Europe (like Ukraine or Belarus) can be a good alternative to some more expensive development teams. The hourly rates here may star from $30-40. Cheaper does not always mean lower quality. Such companies can also boast a great portfolio. All you need to do is to check the insights of every potential candidate no matter how much he or she charges.

How to Choose Candidates?

So, now you already have a clear vision of features you want to implement and region to focus when hiring a qualified developer for the project. It's high time you did some research. Once you sort out some most appealing companies, you need to compare and contrast them.

But first you need to decide if it is better to opt for a local or outsource company. Some startups opt for freelancers in order to save a couple of bucks. However, if your app is of high complexity with lots of technological features, the best bet is to hire an in-house full-cycle company to handle every stage of the development process from scratch.

Create a list of candidates and companies that managed to draw your attention. Once you have the list, surf the net to find as much information about your potential employees as possible. You can benefit from tech blogs, review websites, testimonies pages and other resources. Another great way is to hold interviews. Never be afraid of asking questions as you are the one to pay for the service.

Do not forget to sing a contract and indicate all the milestones. An efficient communication is the key to success. A developer will never meet your expectations if he or she does not understand the goals and purposes of the project. For this reason, Agile methodology is a better option if compared with Waterfall. Also keep this fact in mind.


You have learnt how to sort out and hire the best developers and not to make mistakes when choosing a company to cooperate with. Always focus on the key specialization, rates, portfolio and other essential factors that will help you pick the right partner and bring your app idea to life.

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